Pediatric Speech Therapy (ST)

Sharing a Meal with Maverick

May 11, 2015
Prematurely born babies like Maverick, who was born at 28 weeks often demonstrate a need for feeding therapy. Maverick is

Giving Autism a Voice for Benny

May 19, 2014
Benny (we’ll call him that to protect his identity) is a seven-year-old boy diagnosed with autism. A couple of years

Speech Therapy Helps Nancy Communicate!

March 14, 2014
Speech Therapy Nancy is an 8 year old girl with a silly sense of humor, a hint of stubbornness and

Is There An App For That?

March 10, 2014
Parents often ask, “Is there an app for that?” when they want to improve their child’s language skills. The answer

Feeding Corner

January 14, 2014
Each week we will be sharing educational tid-bits and facts about feeding and swallowing disorders. What is a feeding disorder?

Children With Autism Make Huge Gains With Speech Therapy

January 2, 2014
Many children with Autism struggle with language and communication. A large number are non-verbal. Speech therapists strive to help them

A Real Breakthrough!

December 17, 2013
With speech therapy, even children who don’t have a traditional way of speaking can clearly communicate. D. is an 8

Joseph and his Amazing Success Story with Speech Therapy

November 19, 2013
Every so often a success story comes from one of our therapists when working with her kids. We want to
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