Sage Care Therapy Services provides in-home pediatric therapy for infants, toddlers, young children and teens in North Texas and surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area that have special needs.

With headquarters in Dallas Texas, Sage Care currently works with young patients referred by caregivers, physicians, hospitals, community partners, home health agencies and others.

Pediatric Therapy for Children

Our interdisciplinary team, which includes bilingual therapists and translators, develops and delivers individual treatment plans with physical, occupational and speech therapies for patients age 21 and younger.

Many of our young patients are medically fragile, with special needs and disorders apparent from birth. Others exhibit developmental delays as they get older; some struggle to speak and walk properly.

Pediatric therapy plans are customized for each child and may include one or all of the services – Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Feeding Therapy – that we offer. In the case of children who have serious physical and cognitive deficits from birth, our therapists work with them for years. Children recovering from an accident or acute illness may need short-term therapy for a few months to restore their strength and function.

Pediatric Home Health

Sage Care therapists work with children in their own homes. Children are most comfortable in familiar surroundings, and providing home-based pediatric therapy loops in family members so therapeutic exercises and activities can be incorporated more easily into everyday living.

Every child is different but our goal is always the same – to provide compassionate, child-focused pediatric therapies that position children for as much success and independence as possible.

Sage Care is part of Sevita.

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