Meet Our Team

  • Tom Harris
    Assistant Vice President of Business Development

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    Tom Harris

    Tom Harris develops and implements the daily marketing and business strategies for Sage Care Therapy.

    At Sage Care, he focuses on building relationships in the community to provide staffing for medically complex children. Tom has a passion for helping families and connecting resources.

    Tom, who previously served as a coach and sales team leader has been a part of the Sage Care team since 2011. He also serves as a Brand Ambassador for Sage Care’s parent company, ChanceLight™ Behavioral Health, Therapy & Education. Tom is a member of the groups Networking for Kids and the Early Childhood Consortium of North Texas. Tom graduated from Oklahoma City University with a degree in Business Management.

  • Elizabeth Moon, OTR
    Occupational Therapist / OT Lead

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    Elizabeth Moon, OTR

    Elizabeth attended Texas Woman’s University and has been a licensed Occupational Therapist since 2000. She has been a member of the Sage Care team since 2009 as a field therapist and now as Lead Occupational Therapist oversees the daily operations of her team in providing quality services to the children and families of Sage Care.

    Her inspiration for working with special needs children developed at a young age as she assisted in caring for her younger sister Claire who had cerebral palsy. Elizabeth focuses on providing goal and patient-oriented skilled therapy to enhance the quality of life in the children she serves. Her passion for the pediatric field is evident in the support she lends her team to help each individual child become as successful as possible in their daily lives.

  • Lacy Anderson, M.S., CCC-SLP
    Speech Therapy Lead

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    Lacy Anderson, M.S., CCC-SLP

    Lacy Anderson received her undergraduate degree from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and a Master of Science in Communication Disorders from The University of Texas at Dallas. Lacy’s experience includes working in public schools, private practice, skilled nursing facility, and pediatric home health. She has performed diagnosis and treatment of receptive language disorders, expressive language disorders, articulation, phonological processing, voice, fluency, and dysphagia. Lacy is VitalStim certified and enjoys working with patients diagnosed with dysphagia and their families.

    Lacy began working for Sage Care Therapy Services in 2014 as a field therapist. She then had the opportunity to become the Speech Therapy Field Lead in 2019 and then promoted to the Lead Speech-Language Pathologist in January of 2020. In the role as Lead Speech-Language Pathologist, she gets the opportunity to support all therapists in the field and communicate daily with office staff.


  • Kelly Abrajano, PT
    Vice President of Operations & Director of Therapy

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    Kelly Abrajano, PT

    Kelly Abrajano is a Pediatric Physical Therapist who has served the children at Sage Care since 2010. She currently leads the Sage Care Physical Therapy team and also serves as the Alternate Director of Therapy, assisting the Director with the Occupational and Speech Therapy teams.

    Since 1997, Kelly has dedicated her career as a Physical Therapist to changing the direction of children’s lives. At Sage Care, she focuses on providing the Physical Therapy team with the guidance and support to provide direct, skilled intervention to children who have medically complex needs. She also serves as a Brand Ambassador for Sage Care’s parent company, ChanceLight Behavioral Health, Therapy & Education.

    Kelly graduated from the Physical Therapy program at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

  • Amanda Finger
    Assistant Vice President of Admin Operations & Compliance

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    Amanda Finger

    Amanda Finger researches, develops and implements policies, and performs quality assurance reviews to ensure Sage Care complies with all state and federal laws surrounding home care licensure and billing.

    Amanda has a personal connection to the mission of Sage Care. She is a caring, devoted mom who lost a child who had medically complex needs and who received in-home nursing care and therapy for many years. Amanda uses her experience as the driving force behind one of her main passions, which is serving as an advocate for Sage Care families.

    Amanda, who previously served in law enforcement and as a paralegal, has been a part of the Sage Care team since 2010 and has served in multiple roles within the company. She also serves as a Brand Ambassador for Sage Care’s parent company, ChanceLight™ Behavioral Health, Therapy & Education.

  • Whitney R. Davis, PT, DPT
    Alternate Director of Therapy & Lead Physical Therapist

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    Whitney R. Davis, PT, DPT

    Whitney Davis is a Pediatric Physical Therapist who has served the children at Sage Care Therapy since 2014. As the Lead Physical Therapist she oversees the daily operations of the Sage Care Physical Therapy team to ensure children and families receive the care they need.

    She is a patient oriented, outcome focused, Physical Therapist with over eight years of successful clinical and professional experience. She leverages her formal education, diverse field experience and inclusive leadership to effectively manage superior customer care and positively influence patient outcomes in rehabilitation. She started her career at Children’s Medical Center Dallas and transitioned to the home health setting in 2012.

    Whitney graduated with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UTSW Medical Center in 2010.