d-speech-breakthrough-2With speech therapy, even children who don’t have a traditional way of speaking can clearly communicate.

D. is an 8 year old who cannot speak. He uses a computerized communication device to make simple requests and comments. He can also answer questions about his basic personal information.

But, recently, he used his device to tell each of his parents he loved them for the first time. So that they would clearly understand his meaning, after using his communication device to “speak” the message, he touched each parent on the hand and looked clearly into their eyes.

His speech therapist, Danna, was working with him at the time and said, “It was great to be able to share such a wonderful moment with the family.”

d-speech-breakthroughDanna has been with Sage Care for 3 years and been treating for almost 10. She received her undergrad from University of Dallas and Masters at Texas Women’s University. “I love helping children with speech and language. It’s so much fun and rewarding!”

Sage Care provides speech, occupational and physical therapy in the DFW area. We treat patients in their homes and accept most Medicaid insurances.