Sharing a meal with Maverick - Sage Care Feeding TherapyPrematurely born babies like Maverick, who was born at 28 weeks often demonstrate a need for feeding therapy. Maverick is currently diagnosed with severe oral/pharyngeal Dysphagia and has a history of silent aspiration and respiratory distress syndrome.

Initially, he would gag and throw up with any touch to his lips or mouth and would never allow attempts to take a bottle. After receiving speech therapy services, Maverick is now able to tolerate oral stimulation consistently with no gagging or vomiting. With the help of his Sage Care therapist Lori, he now accepts up to 1 ounce of smooth purée several times a day and is working on progressing to lumpy textures and drinking from a cup.

Maverick still requires support of tube feedings due to poor intake but he no longer aspirates and demonstrates progress that advances him closer to receiving oral feedings. Without home health intervention, Maverick would have difficulty receiving much needed therapy due to transportation issues with getting him to a clinic several times a week. The closest therapy facility is an hour drive away and Maverick’s family currently only has one vehicle. Home health Speech therapy makes it possible for Maverick to continue to grow and thrive with development of his feeding skills thereby improving his total quality of life. Maverick is a testament to how pediatric therapy can help premature babies thrive.

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