Picture of Clara Herrick standing in front of a wall with the chancelight logo on it. Clara is holding a plaque to recognize her winning.Each year, a select group of ChanceLight employees are recognized for consistently demonstrating patience, kindness, humility respectfulness, selflessness, forgiveness, honesty and commitment – all of the attributes that define Servant Leadership.

Servant Heart Award Recipients love what they do, support their co-workers and serve as role models for everyone in our organization. It is their colleagues who nominate and vote for the winners.

During the next few weeks, we will highlight the five awardees for 2017. Today, we profile Clara Herrick.

Clara Herrick, a Senior Financial Analyst in the Nashville office, received the Servant Heart Award for ChanceLight Corporate. She had this to say about the recognition:

Q: What does being a Servant Heart Award recipient mean to you?

A: I am delighted, honored and humbled to receive the Servant Heart Award and to join
the company of other recipients who I have long admired and respected.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a member of an organization committed to Servant

A: One of my guiding mantras is “where attention goes, energy flows.” When an organization focuses its culture on uplifting the values and principles of Servant Leadership, it’s making a conscious choice to serve the greater good. I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to work for an organization striving to manifest more good in this world.

Q: Do you have a favorite tenet of Servant Leadership? If so, what is it and why?

A: Rather than placing favoritism on a single tenet, what I treasure most is the nuance that threads
the tenets together. To me, that is the importance of listening and the practice of mindfulness. As servant-leaders, our influence is dependent upon our ability to listen and perceive the needs of others outside our own — by making space for individual voices to grow and be heard, and where fear-based leadership is overcome. As servant-leaders we have an obligation to continually remind one another of the importance of listening. When we respect and value the act of listening it allows us to expand our knowledge base and empathize with other points of view.

Q: What do you like most about working for ChanceLight?

A: Our people! It brings me such joy to work alongside so many wonderful professionals across our organization making children’s lives better every single day.

One of the most special aspects of the Servant Leadership Award is ChanceLight colleagues take the time to nominate each other for this honor. The following comments are just a few of the many wonderful things colleagues had to say about why Clara is deserving of this award.

• She understands that putting the legitimate needs of others before her own will create a greater ripple effect throughout the company. She is joyfully selfless.
• She uses her skills to strengthen and build every team she works with. She blends kindness with clarity in communicating with operators and leaders to help set a correct course forward.
• Clara embodies servant leadership. She strives each and every day to perform her duties to the best of her abilities, but also knows no limits when it comes to helping others within the organization. She expresses the company’s culture through her actions, through the way she deals with others.
• She has shown and practices the principles of servant leadership every day that I have worked with her. This has influenced and helped create real strides in the overall operational improvement of Behavioral Health. Her continuous and consistent practice of the principles also influences others to be more successful servant leaders in the organization.

More fun facts about Clara:

In her role as Senior Financial Analyst, Clara is responsible for divisional analytical oversight and financial analysis support for ChanceLight’s Therapy and Behavioral Health Divisions. Clara is a highly experienced financial analyst who has worked within ChanceLight’s M&A and financial operations functions. Clara was also instrumental in both the Sage Care and ABA, Inc. acquisitions. Her skills have been a valuable asset to ChanceLight. Clara earned her Bachelor of Science in Finance from Indiana University and previously worked in the areas of equity research, healthcare, and M&A before joining ChanceLight in 2015.