Sage Care Occupational Therapist Deana loves working with 4yr old Christ. Occupational therapy focuses on helping individuals achieve independence in all areas of their lives. Pediatric occupational therapy focuses on the “occupations” or “jobs” of childhood such as playing, socialization, self-care, learning, and school performance. Deana uses fun and engaging activities to work on his gross motor and fine motor skills. He loves the big ball! The ball is a great tool to help Christ increase his postural strength. Without good postural control, a child may have difficulty maintaining an upright sitting posture and may fatigue easily when sitting at a desk in school. Plus using the hands well will be difficult.

Deana uses activities such as lacing, cutting and a fun clothes pin game help Christ increase the strength in his hands. “Christ is a fun, happy and energetic  boy, and a joy to work with. It’s wonderful to see him progress with Occupational therapy.” Deana

Sage Care Therapy is now servicing the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and North East Texas for Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy. Accepting most Medicaid insurances including  TMHP, Parkland Health First, Molina, CSHCN, Cook Children’s Health, Aetna Better Health, Superior Foster Care, Superior, Commercial Insurance, and Private Pay

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