About #ReverseTheCuts

Medicaid rate cuts for in-home speech, physical and occupational therapy will result in reduced access to care for our state’s most vulnerable children. It’s possible some children may lose this life-changing therapy altogether unless the state legislature reverses the cuts immediately.

We ask Texans to do everything they can to help our state’s leaders understand the importance of access to high-quality professional care for children who have medically complex needs and the importance of preserving Medicaid rates so children can receive the in-home speech, physical and occupational therapy they need.

The legislature is scheduled to consider restoring Medicaid rates now that lawmakers have returned to Austin for the 2017 session. We must urge them to honor their obligation to preserve access to care for Medicaid recipients and reverse the Medicaid cuts.

We hope your compassion for children and families, your commitment to justice for our state’s most vulnerable children, your respect for therapists and their professional calling, and your rights and responsibilities as citizens of Texas inspire you to action.

On behalf of the children, families and therapy providers and therapists who live and work in Texas, thank you.

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