I started my career as a speech therapist working in the schools, so when I started at Sage Care in 2016, the home health environment was something different and exciting. I love working with children but wasn’t sure what to expect working in the home. And it has been a wonderful experience. Developing a personal connection with all “my families” is part of what makes working in home health so special. You have the opportunity to learn so much more about your clients when you work in home health versus other settings.

I think as therapists there is always an interest in learning more because we want to provide the best care possible. One of my favorite things about Sage Care is they encourage professional growth and give us the opportunity to identify particular areas where we would like to specialize and offer training to help us further develop our skills. For example, one of my interests is feeding therapy. Through Sage Care, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with other feeding therapists and witnessed first-hand the impact they make on our children and families. Seeing their passion for their work has inspired me to continue learning and growing as a therapist, and because of the many opportunities I’ve been offered and the experiences I’ve had with Sage Care, I too share their passion to be the best therapist possible to my clients.

The leadership team cares about me as a person and a professional as they have shown me a tremendous amount of encouragement in the field. Sage Care has supported me since the very beginning and even though we often work alone, we always have access to our direct supervisors and to the administrative team. They have helped guide me through many challenging and rewarding days on the job and I am so thankful to be part of this dedicated team that works hard every day to help change the direction of our children’s lives.