pediatric speech therapy, autismMany children with Autism struggle with language and communication. A large number are non-verbal. Speech therapists strive to help them develop language and full communication skills. Sage Care therapist, Lori, has made big steps with one of our young Autistic patients. Let’s call him Oscar.

Oscar is a 5-year old little boy with Autism. Several months ago Oscar’s main mode of communication was screaming, gesturing, or using a few simple words such as “no” or “stop”. He struggled to attend to a task, transition between activities, and follow directions.  Now, with consistent speech therapy and parent follow-through, Oscar is using 4-word sentences to indicate his wants and needs. He is able to tell us what he wants to eat and what activities he prefers. Oscar is able to attend to and participate in activities with less frequent screaming and non-compliant behavior. For the first time this week, Oscar spontaneously said “Hola, Como estas Lori” when his speech therapist walked through the door.  Oscar has made tremendous progress and continues to make steady speech and language gains with skilled therapy and parent participation.

Sage Care is fortunate to have highly experienced therapists like Lori on our team. She received her Undergraduate degree from Purdue University and her Graduate degree from The University of Wisconsin and has 8 years of experience.

Sage Care Therapy Services provides highly skilled pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy in the DFW area. We treat patients in their homes and accept most Medicaid insurances.

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