Speech Therapy

Nancy is an 8 year old girl with a silly sense of humor, a hint of stubbornness and supportive family. She receives speech therapy with Sage Care. Her therapist, Lindsey, MA/CCC-SLP, works with her to develop communication strategies. She was given a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy at birth. She has difficulty communicating orally due to lack of motor coordination with her oral musculature due to the CP.  She received a Voice Output Device from Dynavox this past Fall and her speech therapy has focused on teaching her to use it functionally at home.  This video shows her answering personal questions about herself and her family.  She is also able to request help such as “put me in my wheelchair” or “take my braces off”. She can state how she is feeling and let her parents know if she is in pain.  She is very good at making requests, especially when it means she gets to play on the iPad. 

Nancy is very proud of herself and the things she can now communicate using her device. It has been so fun to be a part of her speech therapy journey and see all the progress she has made-Lindsey

Sage Care Therapy Services provides highly skilled pediatric speech, occupational and physical therapy in the DFW area. We treat patients in their homes and accept most Medicaid insurances.

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