Picture of three women standing together smiling. Amanda Finger is in the middle holding a heart-shaped trophy made of a clear glass-like material.Amanda Finger embodies what it means to lead through service. She influences people to enthusiastically work toward goals that help therapists, staff and clients succeed. As the Servant Heart Award recipient for Sage Care Therapy, Amanda consistently practices the principles of Servant Leadership by modeling commitment, forgiveness, honesty, humility, kindness, patience, respectfulness, and selflessness.

Amanda’s official tile is Assistant Vice President of Admin Operations and Compliance/Alternate Administrator for Sage Care. One co-worker gave her another title: MVP of the organization.

We asked Amanda the following questions about what it means to be a recipient of the Servant Heart Award and here is what she had to say:

1. What does being a Servant Heart Award recipient mean to you?

When I learned I was a Servant Heart Award recipient I was overwhelmed with pride. I work with an amazing group of people who are all so committed to their jobs and this organization so to have this talented, dedicated team of co-workers nominate me for this award is incredible. I am grateful and humbled to be recognized for my contribution to Sage Care. I absolutely love what I do and would have never expected to be awarded for something that brings me such personal fulfillment.

2. What does it mean to you to be a member of an organization committed to Servant Leadership?

I am proud to work for a company that not only focuses on ensuring we provide quality care to our clients, but that we also care and support each other. It doesn’t matter your title, your role or your responsibility within the organization, we all try hard to assist and encourage each other. We don’t allow each other to fail. I truly believe a culture of Servant Leadership helps to build a strong company.

3. Do you have a favorite tenet of Servant Leadership? If so, what is it and why?

I have two favorite tenets of Servant Leadership: selflessness and commitment. I am 100 percent committed and invested in my job and I strongly believe that is critical to ensure your personal success and the success of your organization. Because I am committed, being selfless comes easy. It is important to me that I do whatever I can to support the people around me because we all have one goal…to provide our clients and families with quality therapy services.

4. What do you like most about working for ChanceLight/Sage Care Therapy?

This is an easy answer. Definitely the people! It is so inspiring to come to work every day and be surrounded by people who are so passionate. They love their jobs, this company and the families we serve. The environment and culture of this organization are the best.

Amanda was chosen for this award based on nominations from her colleagues, and here is just a sample of the wonderful comments submitted.

• Amanda is a person who from one day to another takes on any challenge that comes her way. She is someone who will always listen to you and give the best advice. For this reason, along with passion and dedication for our mission, I choose her.
• She has a passion for servant leadership. She is selfless in every task she does, always thinking of others. She is committed to her job, others and our social mission to offer hope for our children.
• She deserves the Servant Heart Award because she treats everyone with kindness and respect. She is always helpful no matter the situation.
• Selfless, hardworking, dedicated, our Sage Care MVP.
• She is humble and selfless, and she demonstrates commitment beyond what is imaginable. There is no task too hard or too easy for her to take on. She is willing to do whatever it takes for Sage Care and the Sage Care team to be successful – be that IT, billing, compliance, or operations – she will do it all!

More fun facts about Amanda:

Amanda researches, develops and implements policies, and performs quality assurance reviews to ensure Sage Care complies with all state and federal laws surrounding home care licensure and billing.

Amanda has a personal connection to the mission of Sage Care. She is a caring, devoted mom who lost a child who had medically complex needs and who received in-home nursing care and therapy for many years. Amanda uses her experience as the driving force behind one of her main passions, which is serving as an advocate for Sage Care families.

Amanda, who previously served in law enforcement as an Investigator and has worked as a paralegal, has been a part of the Sage Care team since 2010 and has served in multiple roles within the company. She also serves as a Brand Ambassador for ChanceLight.