Sage Care Physical Therapist Daphyne helps JosivahWe were excited to sit down with Sage Care Physical Therapy Assistant, Daphyne to talk about Josiyah’s journey with Physical Therapy.

“Josiyah was evaluated for physical therapy. His primary diagnoses are CP and developmental delays. When we began services, he was a 9 month old, functioning at a 5 month old level, born prematurely at 23 weeks gestation. At the time of evaluation, his delays included decreased strength in his trunk and extremities, decreased coordination, and stiffness of his extremities.

I have been providing skilled PT services to include helping Josiyah learn to roll, crawl, pull himself to standing, and ultimately walking. Josiyah is a quick learner, and also has a very funny and cute personality. His behavior has not always been that of an angel, and he still has outbursts now and then, in which a padded helmet is in place for his protection. He has began to learn words and when therapist enters the home and he hears her voice, he sometimes says “walk”, or “outside”. Sage Care Physical Therapist Daphyne helps JosivahJosiyah has progressed from being a weak and developmentally delayed child, which doctors told Mom he would never walk or talk, to a child who will run with his gait trainer, walking all over the place. His future goals include increased independence with stairs activities which he is currently doing awesome with, and increasing his independence with walking.”

Pediatric physical therapy helps so many children like Josiyah. Sage Care therapists focus on the unique needs of each individual child and provides meaningful activity, in order to keep the child motivated and invested in the therapeutic process. While pediatric therapy is designed to feel like play to the child, our expertly trained occupational therapists draw from strategies in many specialty areas to build upon your child’s progress.
Sage Care Therapy is now servicing North & East Texas for Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy ages birth-21.
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