Image of Cynthia Frisby smiling.I’ve been with Sage Care since 2014 and I continue to be impressed with this organization that is committed to helping children reach their full potential. Our leadership knows in order to provide our clients with quality therapy it is critical they offer their therapists the support and resources they need to do their job. Sage Care is focused on making things easy for us and they do more to assist their therapists than most organizations.

The admissions team handles all the necessary paperwork, the processing department keeps us up to date on case approvals so we can plan our schedules, they provide us with iPads so we can do real-time, electronic documentation, we have access to Spanish translators to assist with evaluations and treatment and the general overall support provided by the administrative team is absolutely wonderful.

I’ve worked for several other companies and besides all the support Sage Care provides another one of things I value the most is the ability to work with children who interest me, such as children with Autism. I have the opportunity to express my creativity when treating these cases and I find that exciting and interesting.

When you combine all the resources Sage Care provides with the flexible schedule and case load, it really makes for the perfect job experience. I love what I do and I love working for Sage Care.