Image of Elizabeth Moon with a student.Growing up and experiencing a sibling with cerebral palsy is what initially inspired my career in pediatrics. Even on my most challenging days, I am very loyal to Sage Care, because we all share the same goal of putting children first. I’m inspired daily to do the best I can for our patients because I am surrounded by a group of therapists and staff who are always giving 100%.

As a Sage Care therapist, I feel fortunate that I am provided with the trust and support needed to be successful with my job. I’m able to manage my schedule with my patient families independently and have the flexibility to accommodate a positive work-life balance. The leadership team at Sage Care is always there to help me and doesn’t hesitate to promptly address my needs despite what they are doing. They are always polite and helpful and I’m very grateful for all they do. It’s motivating to be a part of a team so dedicated to cultivating a positive work environment so that I can focus on what’s most important to me, providing children with life-changing therapy.