Sage Care is an organization that prides itself on being one, big “team,” which includes everyone from the executive leadership to the dedicated therapists working in the field. Our primary team goal is providing the highest quality therapy to our patients, so we do everything we can in support of each other to ensure we are successful.

A perfect example of the support therapists receive at Sage Care is our feeding mentorship program. I, along with a team of my colleagues, mentor new therapists by showing them therapy techniques that we’ve found to be successful in helping children reach their full swallowing potential. The mentoring program also provides our new therapists with an increased level of support, by giving them direct access to a caring team who is available to answer questions and provide encouragement on a daily basis.

The supportive, nurturing environment at Sage Care always starts with our clinical management team.  Members of our Sage Care leadership team are also therapists and they stress the importance of work/life balance, encourage us to focus on ourselves and family and provide us with tons of training opportunities so we are always learning something new and exciting.

Over the years I’ve learned so much from my Sage Care family and I know I’m only one color in the tapestry. When everyone works together, it’s really cool to see what can happen in a child’s life. It means a lot to me that I can still have a twinkle in my eye on Sunday night, knowing I get to go to work the next day and make a difference.